5 Things to Know about Violet Facials

The name may be deceiving, but violet facials in Boston involve the process of injecting special gels into one’s face in order to remove wrinkles. There are a lot of misconceptions about the process and the results that people receive. Learning more about this service can help people understand what they can gain by getting it done themselves.

Natural Results

Movies and television shows often poke fun at the idea of getting injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. They often show people who can’t move their faces or look unnatural. The truth is that this procedure can give a very natural look. The injections are meant to make one’s face look refreshed and youthful. They do this by relaxing the facial muscles and softening lines and creases that are present without impacting the deeper muscles and sensory nerves that could make the person’s face look unnatural.

To maximize results, it is important to combine the treatments with proper skin care. Applying moisturizers, cleaning the face daily, applying sunscreen, and using exfoliators are just some of the steps for proper skin care that should be taken on a regular basis.


When getting these injections for wrinkles, it’s important to have realistic expectations. The injections won’t cure a person from getting wrinkles. After a little while, the wrinkles will come back. The injections typically last about 4 months, but there are maintenance treatments that one can get to make them last longer. It’s recommended to get a max of 3 or 4 treatments per year. With maintenance, this should go down to only 2 times per year.

Rarely Painful

The idea of having a needle injected into one’s face sounds incredibly uncomfortable. However, most people only experience mild discomfort through the quick process. They often compare the pain to a pinch of mosquito bite.


Although most people wait to get these treatments until they have deeper wrinkles, they find that these are more difficult to treat. It would be wise to use these treatments preemptively, which will make it easier to smooth out the wrinkles and keep one’s face looking young and vibrant.


One of the most important factors when administering the injections is the dosage. The dosage will determine the effectiveness and longevity of the injections. For this reason, it’s important to have the injections given by a highly-experienced team who knows exactly how to determine the right dosage for each person in order to give them the best results possible.

Since it’s important to find the right person to perform violet facials in Boston, one should be careful about the place that they choose to go to when they get it done. Do some research to learn about the results that other clients have had. Learn about the training and experience of those who perform the facials. It might even be helpful to stop by the spa or other facility to observe the procedures firsthand and find out whether or not the process would be the right option for wrinkle removal.

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