5 Scary Signs Of A Bad Nail Salon

So how do you understand the difference? Well, there has few signs that a nail salon is cutting corners at the expense of your hands and feet. If you visit a nail salon and see one of the things mentioned here, instantly run the hills.  

Chemicals Smell When You Walk In

The liquid used with acrylic powder is called acrylic nail monomer and its smell is not great. That is just a fact, but many times you walk into a nail care salon and you found a whole new level of stinkiness. There have many different types of monomer and cheapest kind of products are available that contain methyl metacrolate. Without getting too scientific knowledge, you should know that methyl metacrolate is really bad for humans. It is also very cheaper than the monomer that does not have, so some bad salons still use it. It is been banned for use in nail salons, but still it is using by many salons in North America. So you have to be more careful.

Products are Not Labeled

SNS+dipping+powder+nail+polishThis is one of the big red flags. If a salon using a lotion or sns powder gel nails on you and that is in a blank, unlabeled bottle then you do not get any idea what is in there. You have the right to ask them about the ingredients of the products which they are using on you. If the product is labeled, still there has a possibility that the product is duplicate. So you should check the product carefully before allow to apply it. If your salon has nothing to hide, then they will definitely show you everything and give answers of your questions.

Skip The Primary Inspection

Every time an experienced and good nail expert take a good hard look at the hands and feets of his clients. He check the state of their skin, what sort of work needs to be done and the important thing is, if he founds any sign of infection then he will take the action accordingly. You need to allow a salon to send a client away if they have a small wart on their foot but do expect them to do proper precautions to prevent spreading it. Very small parts of safety also taken by good salons like wearing gloves, double sanitizing.

Pop, Pull or Rip Off Your Artificial Nails

Generally, girls always show a nail expert their paper thin chewed up nails and ask why they are in such a bad shape. Because your nail expert is ripping strong layers of your nails off every four to six weeks. If a nail expert is good, he does not remove the whole enhancement. He files down length and lifting, and they apply more product on top. This process makes your artificial nail much stronger and healthy and leaves your natural nail healthy underneath. If you ask for a fill and your nail expert tries to remove what you already have on your nails they are not filling then you should run from there.

Very Low Price

You should remember that you get what you pay for. A salon with low prices is saving money but you should know that sanitizer is not cheap, and all tools and supplies are a big expense for salons. If you go into a nail salon and they are offering their services at half the price then you might save a few dollars but there also a chance to get a shoddy set of nails and a fancy new fungus.

Be careful and give your visit to a reputable salon to take care of you and your body.

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