5 Best Hairstyles Black Men Should Try

Kinky and thick hair is what most black men naturally have and the best thing about this type of hair is the ease of working with it and its ability to hold a style for long. Traditional lengths are loved by many black men, but you can be as creative as you can be using lots of ideas. There are so many styles to choose from whether you have long or short hair and you can add a twist to the haircut as long as you are bold enough to rock the overall look.

1. Long tapered dreads

Dreadlocks are closely associated with black men and the long tapered ones are great choices because they offer endless styling options. They are easy to maintain and you can achieve different looks by simply changing how you hold, twist or drop the dreads. It would be a great idea to let the locks flow so their lengths can show. For men who have facial hair, a stunning look can be achieved by tapering the back and the sides of the hair.

2. Short twists

The short twist look works well with a short back and sides. It is a shaggy but a stylish casual look when done well. It is a good idea to leave the short twists on the crown whereas the back and the sides remain shaven closely to achieve a neat but bold look. If you have a long neat beard then the short twists will look even better on you. The best hair product should be used to achieve and maintain the short curly look.

3. Short and shaggy

This look is easy to do and does not need any skills to achieve. The natural texture of black men hair makes it almost a natural hairstyle in that you only need a hair product and your hands to work through the hair to get the final short and shaggy look. If you take the shaggy short style, then it is best that you have your beard neatly shaved. The hair should be reduced to a good length after a while so the beautiful hairstyle is maintained without looking unkempt.

4. Natural dreads

They remain more popular amongst black men and are best for those looking to maintain a hairstyle for long. To get them, you would have to allow your mane to grow naturally and then use wax to create the locks. The locks will need regular waxing and twisting as the hair continues to grow and you can grow them to be as long as you want them to be. The natural dreads should be left uniform, but you can style them as you wish. The natural locks can work well with a long beard, but you can still have a clean shaved face to rock the style.

5. Natural afro

Black men with curly hair will find the style amazing. It is easy to wear and will make you stand out from the crowd. All you need to do with the style is allow decent lengths and get some good styling products and you are good to go.

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