5 Beauty Tips for Women’s in Rainy Days

With rainy season right around the bend, you might be thinking to revamp your makeup kit for stormy days! A heavy rainy day can badly ruin your good make-up day, yet with these tips you can put your face right back on and battle your way through the rain!

So ladies, let’s get started:

1. Tinted Moisturizer

When you are going out, you must ensure that your foundation is waterproof. We recommend to use tinted cream. Only a flimsy, thin layer of tinted lotion will stay quite a lot longer than your regular foundation.

2. Blush

Rather than using powder blush, go with cream blush during rainy days. In case that you need some additional color then apply a layer of powder redden over the cream blush so it will last more and stays any longer on your cheeks to give a sparkle and color to your face.

3. Exfoliate

Whether you use a cleanser that accompanies tender peeling dots, a deep purifying brush, or simply wipe your face with a warm towel in the wake of washing your face, it’s imperative to take 2-3 minutes to focus on Exfoliation procedure during rainy days.

4. Primer

Use a primer that will even your skin and holds your makeup for long. Once you’ve found the right primer, it will become your soul mate for the rainy season.

Blotting papers. If your skin gets shiny by mid-day, blotting papers will control the oil and give your makeup new life. I love the Sephora Mattifying Blotting Films—they are super easy to use and work really well.

5. Lips

You can use anything on the lips as that is not really any issue but lip stains are best in rainy season.

Your goals are to:

  • Let your skin breathe with light products.
  • Paint your face with stuff that can stand the heat.
  • Protect your skin without smelling like a laboratory.
  • Keep your hair looking cute.

Hair Health and Humidity Go Hand-in-Hand

Hair is basically a living organ on our body and like anything else, it has to be healthy to “operate” properly,” explains Sims. “You will see the best results in your style and texture when your hair is healthy—a trim every 6-8 weeks will help !

Never leave the house with wet hair. You want to get things under control before you set foot out the door. “Whether you air or blowdry, make sure it’s completely dry and seal it with an anti-frizz serum

So, that’s all the tips for monsoon and a rainy season that you should do this time!

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