5 Beauty Secrets You Must Know To Flaunt Perfect Clear Skin

Clear and glowing skin is what you always wanted, right? Well, there is no overnight miracle for getting that flawless skin. But it’s not too much to wish for. There are several beauty secrets, rather skin care habits I would say, that can help you flaunt that perfect clear skin always over time. Having said that, you won’t need to live celebrity-style routine to make these beauty secrets work for you. Instead these beauty tips for flawless skin work for all!

Here are 5 tips to getting healthy and clear skin

Clean make-up before you hit the bed

Make sure you wash your face every day before you go to sleep, even if you don’t apply makeup. Your face attracts dirt and grime throughout the day, which needs to be cleared at the end of the day. If you are too lazy to wash your face due to a hectic day, you can always keep some face wipes handy near your bed.

Let your skin breathe in some fresh air during the night hours. Sleeping with makeup will prevent the skin from breathing and lead to clogged pores, which may eventually result in blemishes or blackheads. You can also use a good makeup remover to wipe off all cosmetics properly. This routine will also help you prevent pimples/acne.

Try a DIY Natural Face Mask

Making a face mask at home isn’t that difficult or time-consuming as you might be thinking. There are a plenty of ways you can make a pure natural facial mask at home. For example, you can create a blend of curd and strawberries or use almonds and black gram soaked up in milk overnight to prepare the paste. Facial masks are vital to unclog pores and prevent acne. You can also buy 100% natural and effective facial masks from a reliable brand.

Choose right moisturizer and toner to keep dry skin away

Dry skin is more vulnerable to wrinkles. Choose from the best of imported face moisturizers and skin toners to keep your skin hydrated all day long. When it comes to selecting a moisturizer, remember you can’t use the same moisturizer for summer, winter and monsoon. Different weather needs different moisturizer. Similarly, you also need to consider your skin type while considering your moisturizing lotion.

Lather up sunscreen every time you step out

Whether it’s cold or hot outside, make sure you apply sunscreen year-round every time you go out. Direct sun exposure can cause skin problems and early skin aging symptoms. Make sure the sunscreen you buy is minimum SPF15 and secure your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. If you heading to a pool, beach or any other outdoor place this summer, you need sunscreen of SPF30 at least.

Figure out the best face treatment for you

There are acne treatments, spot treatments, nourishing masks, anti-aging treatments and many other imported face treatments available out there. Your skin needs a right treatment that meets its exact nutrition needs, which isn’t similar for all people. Chances are that a skin treatment that is perfect to your friend or peer may be a completely ineffective for your skin.

In order to choose the most effective imported skin care products, you will first need to learn what your skin type is. You may consult a dermatologist to figure out the right face cleanser, moisturizer and other skin care products that give you flawless, healthy and glowing skin over regular use.

Drink plenty of water, have a good night sleep everyday and keep your diet healthy! What’s more, just do your homework and learn what works best for your skin!

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