4 Facts about Laser Hair Removal

If you’re considering laser hair removal in New York, make sure you do your homework before you spend thousands of dollars on this procedure. Laser hair removal has been a wonderful experience for many people (both women and men), but it can also lead to disappointment and wasted money if you jump into this decision head first.

Not Everyone Is a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal

The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is a person with light-colored or pale skin and dark hair. The reason that laser treatments work better on these individuals is that the laser responds to pigmentation. Hair that is darker has a higher amount of pigmentation than lighter-colored hair.

Before you proceed with any laser hair removal treatment it’s important that you have a consultation with the treatment center. During this consultation, the provider will examine your skin, determine your hair’s texture, and its tone. It’s critical that this is done to ensure that the correct lasers are used to help you achieve optimal results.

Perceived Results Take Time

While some people report a significant decrease in hair and less time spent shaving after one or two sessions, these aren’t typical results. The number of laser treatments may vary. While one person may only need 4 treatments, some people needs as many as 9. Depending on where the hair is being removed and how your body responds to the treatment makes all the difference.

Choose Your Center Wisely

Today, there are many health and wellness centers that offer body improvement therapies like laser hair removal. While there are more options, that doesn’t mean that every center offering hair removal is qualified to do so. At present, there is not a standard certification that one must meet to perform laser hair removal. Therefore, it’s best to choose a center where hair removal is all that the center does. Centers that perform this procedure day in and day out tend to have higher customer satisfaction.

Be Prepared to Pay

Laser hair removal is not cheap and it is not covered by medical insurance. It is considered an elective procedure that can cost thousands and thousands of dollars depending on what part of the body is treated. Many centers that offer laser hair removal in New York have package pricing and even offer in-house financing options. Those in favor of laser hair removal say the upfront cost is nothing compared to a lifetime of buying shaving products, but only you can decide if the upfront cost outweighs any future costs.

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