10 Ways To Enliven Yourself Post Rhinoplasty Surgery

Beside some minor discomforts, the first weeks after the Rhinoplaty surgery are a bit challenging to go through.  Along with the temporary puffiness and bruising around the cheeks and eyes, it may bring up the feeling that you should stay back at home for some time. But here is a list of things to make you feel good, especially in the first few weeks.

  • Prep from before– If you start planning from before weeks, it shall lead upto great results along with making the recovery process faster.  Prepare yourself with the required knowledge regarding the process, to keep you aware of both the positivities and negativities of the process involved.
  • Don’t lay too low- Indulging in the household chores which is strenuous should not be involved in. It should mean complete rest if you wish to fasten up the procedure of healing.  You can get back into your daily routine as soon as you are getting better. Thus, for the time being, cooking and walking or any other related activities should be avoided.
  • Pjs time- It is definitely tempting if you have to stay in your Pajamas all the time.But it may not be glory days, if you have to stay stuck in your home recovering from the surgery itself. Many people have preferred to rather get ready and moved on to work or doing semi normal activities during the early stages of the recovery.
  • Yoga at home- there are many websites which can offer a wealth of free online yoga classes, following a stretching DVD into your player.  But it should always be checked that the activity shouldn’t be strenuous and requires you to keep a check on that.
  • Sweat it out- the repaired nose requires time to heal, which means less or no activities, mainly the first week which can exhaust you. But if you are a fitness buff and cannot live without going to a gym, a couple minutes extra on the treadmill will not harm anyone.

Rhinoplatsy if performed by a professional surgeon can derive satisfactory results at the right rate. But in order to achieve the desired result that you are looking for, having the right education is necessary for having realistic expectation towards the outcome of the surgery.

What are the possible after effects of Rhinoplatsy?

  • Bruising , swelling and pain which lasts for a couple weeks
  • Pain around the eyes and the nose area

There are a lot of options related to the nose jobs and choosing the best suited. Consider the things that you may require before and after the surgery to help you get the desired outcome.

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