10 Things To Remember While Washing Hair

Washing hair under a hot shower may feel amazing but the damage it may be causing your hair might be unknown to you. Washing hair does cleanse the hair and makes you relaxed, but the way you wash your hair might be hurting your scalp. Follow these 10 tips to make hair washing an amazing as well as safer experience.

  • Oiling is the first step towards having beautiful hair after shampooing. Massage oil into your air preferably 2-3hours prior to washing. This will moisturise the hair and save hair from stripping extra oil while shampooing. Oiling hair helps to balance out the loss of essential oils from hair and keeps hair tangle-free, strong and moisturised. Coconut oil, castor oil and almond oil are best for oiling hair.
  • Before you wash your hair, remember to brush them. This will help increase blood circulation, open up knots and tangles if any and reduce build-up of oil in the hair. The process will also help in easy rinsing after shampooing.
  • Shampoo you hair from the roots to the tip. Gently massage the roots without being harsh or using your nails. Gentle massage on the roots will help in cleaning the scalp of the dirt and give a cleaner scalp.
  • A good rinsing is essential to avoid any residue product in the hair. Always use a cold rinse as the last rinse out. This will help close the hair cuticles that are exposed while shampooing and give a healthy sheen to hair when dry. Avoid using very hot water to wash hair. Hot water will strip essential oils from the hair and dry them out.
  • Squeeze out excess water from the hair with a soft towel before applying the conditioner. Do not rub or pull the hair while squeezing out the water. Use a soft towel and squeeze water out gently.
  • Remember to condition your roots with a good conditioner after shampooing. A conditioner helps in locking the open hair cuticles and gives your hair a smoother and softer texture. Apply the conditioner to the hair and not on the scalp or roots.
  • Avoid brushing your hair when wet. Hair is very fragile and at its weakest when wet. Just run your fingers through the hair when it is wet. This will remove any tangles after rinsing and make hair more manageable without causing any damage by brushing.
  • If your hair is dry and unmanageable, use a good leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioners manage and maintain the hair throughout the day by removing tangles and making hair soft.
  • Avoid using hair dryers for drying your hair. Dry your hair with a soft towel by 80% and let it air dry without any heat. Heat will only make your hair dry and brittle.
  • Last but not the least, choosing the right shampoo is very essential. While a normal shampoo may work for one, for another who has an oily scalp, a dry shampoo or a cleansing shampoo can work wonders. Dry and brittle hair will need creamy, moisturising shampoos.

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